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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Target Injury-Prone Attacking Star

From a talent point of view, Giuseppe Rossi seems a perfect fit for Liverpool and so many fans will be glad of the rumoured interest—no matter how tenuous. His injury history, though, is off-putting.

Gabriele Maltinti

Reports in Italy point to reports in England and reports in England point to reports in England, and at the bottom of the rabbit hole appears to be one of the least reliable rumour mongering websites on the internet. Still, for those obsessed with Liverpool's striker search, a new name has been added to the mix today: Giuseppe Rossi.

A flexible attacker who can play anywhere in attack and who would be capable of both partnering Daniel Sturridge or in a pinch filling in for him as the lone striker, in theory Rossi fits the profile of player most fans assume would be a perfect fit to replace Luis Suarez. That alone makes it less than surprising that he's now been linked.

Dubious sourcing aside, a rumoured potential £20M deal for the 27-year-old who scored 17 goals in 25 games last season for Fiorentina would seem a perfect fit for Liverpool's needs. Or at least it would if it weren't for Rossi's injury record. Over the last three seasons, Rossi has missed 674 days and 60 games with Villareal and Fiorentina with ACL injuries.

He first suffered a torn ACL against Real Madrid in 2011 while playing for Villareal. Expected to miss six months, he re-injured it in training the next April while preparing for his return. Having moved to Fiorintina, he strained his MCL this January and missed four months. All injuries were to his right knee.

The 17 goals he scored last season suggest that his injuries have not have undermined his ability to play football—at least not yet. They are, however, signs of a player who is a major, major injury risk and who despite seeming a perfect fit talent-wise would be a hugely risky signing should there be any truth to the as yet dubious rumours.

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