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Moreno Says Goodbye to Sevilla, Looks Forward to Liverpool Challenge

Speaking to the Spanish press following last night's UEFA Super Cup, Alberto Moreno expressed his sadness at leaving Sevilla but says he's looking forward to continuing his growth at Liverpool.

David Ramos

Yesterday morning, Alberto Moreno was getting ready to play against Real Madrid in the UEFA Super Cup. By the evening, he had been withdrawn from Sevilla's lineup after Liverpool reached an agreement for his transfer from the Spanish club.

It had been a move long in coming, but that didn't make its sudden completion any less so, particularly for a player who had spent his entire life at the same club. After the match, Moreno joined his by then former teammates on the pitch in Cardiff and said a tearful goodbye.

"I'm living in a strange situation because I'm leaving the club I've spent my entire life at," he then told ABC de Sevilla. "Sevilla understood that Liverpool's offer was good and so I am going. I have all kinds of conflicting emotions but wish nothing but the best for Sevilla.

"I'm a Sevilliano but I want to continue to grow. What happened on the pitch, with the fans, will be something I will always remember and I could not help but be sad because I did not expect it. First came saying goodbye to my teammates, then the fans. It was a lot to deal with."

After the Sevilla fans applauded their departing youth academy product, the 22-year-old left back was on his way to Liverpool, where today he has undergone a medical. He is expected to sign a contract shortly and to be officially unveiled as the club's eighth signing tomorrow.

"I was always aware the two teams were negotiating," he added, "but I never got into that. Liverpool are a great club so of course I'm super-motivated and I hope things go well."

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