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Sevilla President Insists "There is no Agreement" for Moreno

Following reports a deal would be done following the Super Cup, it seems almost inevitable that Sevilla's president has insisted there is no deal to send Alberto Moreno to Liverpool.

David Ramos

Despite widespread reports in England and Spain that a deal had been agreed in principle to send Sevilla left back Alberto Moreno to Anfield following Tuesday's Super Cup against Real Madrid, the Spanish club's president has today come out to rubbish the talk. Given the way this soap opera of a transfer saga has gone, this probably shouldn't be surprising to anybody.

"There were negotiations ten days ago but there is no agreement today," insisted Sevilla president Jose Castro when he spoke to the press before flying off for Cardiff ahead of the glorified friendly that is tomorrow's UEFA Super Cup. "It depends on them. I have said the price is set by us. If they pay the amount in a timely manner a deal will go through, and if not he will remain."

Last week, a deal was all but done. Then, when it didn't actually get done the story became that it would get done following Tuesday's Super Cup, and sources in Spain with contacts within Sevilla continued to push this line right up until this morning. Now, any deal is once again on hold. Or perhaps it's not even anywhere close to happening after all.

Which probably means that in an hour or a day there will be new information suggesting Alberto Moreno to Liverpool is imminent. So it goes.

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