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Moreno Determined to Play in Super Cup Before Liverpool Switch

The neverending transfer story that is Alberto Moreno to Liverpool keeps rumbling along, with the Spanish press reporting it is the player who has sought to delay the move until after the Super Cup.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

The Alberto Moreno transfer saga kicked off in May and at times it's felt as though at least once a week since then, some paper or other has insisted that a deal has been agreed or is about to be agreed or that Moreno is on his way to England. And usually it's been Estadio Deportivo, a Sevilla-based newspaper with ties to the club, driving the narrative.

Last week they again stepped up to say that really for real guys a deal has been done and Moreno will become a Liverpool player within a matter of days. Now that days have turned into another week and with rumours claiming the deal was being held up by the UEFA Super CupEstadio Deportivo have again updated the story.

The Andalusian paper claims that Moreno himself is the driving force behind the delay, as when the deal dragged out to a point where the Super Cup was mere weeks away, playing in a final game for his boyhood club became a priority. And glorified friendly or not, it's a chance for silverware in a match against Spanish rivals Real Madrid.

As far as games to bow out in, it's not difficult to see the appeal to the 22-year-old fullback who rose through the ranks at Sevilla, though the odds will be heavily against them. It will at the very least mean that Moreno will be flying to the United Kingdom this week—the Super Cup takes place tomorrow in Cardiff at 7:45PM BST/2:45PM EST.

With a handful of English sources reporting the deal as done barring Tuesday's cup match and Sevilla's local paper agreeing, hopefully the Alberto Moreno saga will finally—finally—be over by this time on Wednesday.

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