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Brondby "Will Do Everything They Can" to Bring Agger Back

There's a good chance that Daniel Agger leaves Anfield this summer, and if Brondby chairman Jan Bech Andersen has his way, the Danish captain will be making a return to the club he left for Merseyside eight years ago.

Clive Brunskill

Dejan Lovren's signing came in the midst of a disappearing act by Daniel Agger; after featuring in the 1-0 loss against Roma at Fenway, the vice-captain reportedly headed back to Liverpool for treatment of an unspecified injury. We've once again been subject to questions about Agger's future, and the deal for Lovren--coupled with Agger's exit--only furthered speculation that this will be the last summer we see the vice-captain at Liverpool. Just like last summer was the last summer and the summer before that was the last one too.

Whenever his last summer is, Brondby's chairman Jan Bech Andersen is interested in making sure that reunion Agger mentioned when the two clubs met in a friendly happens:

"We will work really, really hard to secure Daniel but, as he has said himself, the timing has to be right. So let us hope we can tie up the loose ends. When that is, time will tell -- but we will go a long way to get him back because it will show just how high we have set the bar. It will show that we have ambitions and will make a lot of fans happy.

"We will do everything in our power, but it is clear that we also need to be responsible and we need to do what is right at the right time. But to answer the question: yes, we will do everything that we can, if and when the possibility arises."

If Agger does leave Liverpool this season, I'd highly doubt it's for a move back to Brondby, who likely wouldn't be able to afford him in the first place and would also face significant competition from clubs around the continent. As Andersen says, we know the player is hopeful that he can eventually return to his former club, but he's likely to attract interest from a number of clubs capable of competing both domestically and in Europe. Re-joining Brondby will be a sentimental move as much as anything else, and Agger's just not at the point yet.

For many of us, hopefully he's not at the point where he's leaving at all.

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