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Uruguay Launch Appeal While FIFA Confirm Suarez Can Complete Transfer

FIFA have today confirmed the appeal of Luis Suarez' suspension. They also confirmed he is eligible to complete a transfer despite being banned from any activity related to football.

Clive Rose

FIFA have today confirmed that Uruguay have launched an appeal over the length of Luis Suarez' ban for biting Gieorgio Chiellini at the World Cup. Suarez has currently been banned for nine Uruguay matches as well as being banned from all football-related activity for a period of four months. However, that ban does not impact whether he can be transferred.

"The player cannot have any activity related to football, but a medical exam for a transfer, yes," said FIFA disciplinary committee head Claudio Susler, who failed to explain exactly how it is that the transfer of a football player, his medical examination by a buying club, and the signing of a contract with that club wouldn't count as "activity related to football."

Suarez would, however, be barred from appearing at the Nou Camp or being presented to the media as a Barcelona player as long as the four-month ban is in place. Many, though, expect that part of his punishment—which Susler insists was only ever about seeking justice for FIFA—to be reduced on appeal regardless of whether he ends up at Barcelona or not.

"This is still an ongoing case and an appeal has been filed so I prefer not to give my opinion," said Susler. He then went on to give his opinion: "When the committee was analysing this case, one thing I mentioned in my capacity as chairman is we don't need to impose an exemplary sanction, we need to have justice and reached the sanction in a very severe case."

Meanwhile, Barcelona and Liverpool representatives continue to discuss Suarez' future, with the only news as yet confirmed being that Barcelona made an opening €70M/£55.7M offer for the player yesterday and that any deal for Alexis Sanchez is likely to be done separately of the Suarez transfer.

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