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Rumour Mongering: Trabzonspor President Flies to Liverpool Seeking Defender

Turkish sources claim Trabzonspor are chasing the signing of Kolo Toure, which isn't a move that would appear to make a great deal of sense for anybody. So it goes.

Thananuwat Srirasant

It's not all exciting signings and panic over whether or not Liverpool can land a marquee signing this summer in the world of rumour mongering. There's also the occasional and less flashy outgoing rumour to add to the pile, as today with Turkish paper Milliyet, who claim that Kolo Toure is closing in on a move to Trabzonspor

They go as far as to claim that the Turkish club's president will travel to Liverpool this week to discuss the transfer. There has been no suggestion so far, though, that Liverpool are looking to sell Toure. The veteran defender was always signed with the expectation he would be at the club for two years before moving on, and on that front there's still a year to go.

Half way through his relatively modest two-year deal, there have been no suggestions the situation has changed. Toure made 24 appearances in all competitions last season, serving a valuable purpose as the club's fourth defender. It's a role best suited to a player like Toure, still good enough to contribute but not able to do so for 90 minutes every week due to tiring legs.

It's a role that can stunt a youth player's development and lead to friction if it's filled by a player in his prime who will be expecting more regular minutes, and if Liverpool sold Toure they'd need to find a similar veteran presence willing to fill it. Which all adds up to the reason why there's been no suggestion Liverpool are looking to sell him.

From Toure's point of view, playing time wouldn't be guaranteed at Trabzonspor, either. He would be joining international teammates Didier Zakora and Sol Bamba, both of whom started ahead of him at the World Cup. All told, it's not a potential deal that seems to make a lot of sense. Unless you're a Turkish paper saying Trabzonspor's president is on his way.

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