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Liverpool Deny Interest in Reus

For a few hours, Twitter thought Marco Reus was coming to Liverpool. The club have now shot down that rumour, which is disappointing if hardly surprising.

Boris Streubel

For a brief, beautiful moment yesterday, rumours Liverpool were interested in Marco Reus exploded. They never even made it as far as the usual rumour mongering suspects, though, restricted as they were to Twitter whispers and the entirely dubious world of self-proclaimed in the knows.

It's perhaps not surprising, then, that when asked about this super exciting potential development by actual reporters with actual ties to the club, the club said what? Having been asked about it, then, Liverpool have briefed friendly journalists that they are not in fact after Marco Reus. No news; no story; nothing to see here, move along.

It's disappointing if not surprising. The versatile Reus is in theory perhaps the only man better than Alexis to replace Luis Suarez, capable as he is of delivering at a high level in absolutely any attacking or attacking midfield role. Current club Borussia Dortmund, though, are not believed to be interested in selling and Reus is not believed to be interested in leaving.

Still, for the five minutes when all of Twitter was talking about Marco Reus as though he was an actual thing that was actually maybe happening, it was nice. It also probably always had to end, and so now it has.

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