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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Striker Plans Turkish Vacation

Liverpool striker Samed Yesil grew up supporting Trabzonspor. Liverpool striker Samed Yesil is going to Istanbul. Apparently this means he's going to play for Trabzonspor next season.

Oliver Hardt

Two years, two ruptured ACLs, and hardly a sniff of first team action because of them. After arriving from Bayer Leverkusen as arguably the most promising teenage striker in Germany, to say Samed Yesil's time at Liverpool hasn't gone to plan would be an understatement. It's hardly surprising, then, to hear rumours the 20-year-old is heading off on loan this season.

A change of scenery and the chance to start regularly, and with it the chance to show injuries haven't crippled his chances of a career at the game's highest levels, seems nothing but sensible. Queue reports off the back of an Instagram posting by Yesil—that suggested he was heading to Istanbul—that the young striker is on his way to Turkey on loan.

Most have combined that tidbit with suggestions from the striker himself he would like to some day play for Trabzonspor, the club he supported growing up, and are saying he's likely to end up at that city's club. The only problem is Trabzonspor is over a thousand kilometres from Istanbul. If he is heading to Istanbul for football, he won't be playing for Trabzonspor.

It's a bit like finding a player who grew up supporting Liverpool and, when he says he's going to London, combining the two to spin a story about how he's off to Liverpool on loan. Only Trabzonspor is nearly four times further from Istanbul than Liverpool is from London. And so his Instagram image of cash, guns, and a cat in designer luggage along with an excited Istanbul is probably just a sign of his vacation plans.

"Samed Yesil heading to Istanbul on holiday," though, has less of a ring to it. At least for the rumour mongers. Even if that seems likely to be all there really is to this exceptionally silly story.

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