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Spanish Reports Claim Alberto Moreno Travelling to Liverpool

Reports out of Seville this evening claim Alberto Moreno will travel to Liverpool by tomorrow morning and that he may be revealed by the club as early as Tuesday.

David Ramos

On Friday, multiple sources in Spain reported that Alberto Moreno was on the verge of completing a €20M plus add-ons move to Liverpool and would be signing a five-year deal early in the coming week. That was followed by Moreno's own noncommittal statements about his future, the player saying he was happy in Seville and that any discussions about his future were a matter for his father and his agent.

According to Sevilla paper Estadio Deportivo, any final details concerning that future have now been sorted and the deal that was nearly there ahead of the weekend really is nearly there now. As such, they believe Moreno is set to head to Liverpool either late tonight or early tomorrow to sign documents, undergo his medical, and perhaps be revealed as the Liverpool's newest signing as early as Tuesday.

Skeptical Liverpool fans will note this isn't the first time Moreno's deal has supposedly been on the verge of being completed, with outlets in Spain reporting it being all but done off and on for more than a week now. The suggestion by Seville's local paper that he's on his way some time between now and tomorrow morning, though, with a medical and then perhaps even pictures of him leaning on things at Melwood on Tuesday, is taking it a step further.

Until now the talk has tended to focus on soon and within the week type statements and timelines. Here it's like right now and Tuesday, which at the very least is adding a touch of urgency and specificity to proceedings. And if Tuesday comes and goes and Moreno still isn't a Liverpool player, we can always talk about how his sartorial selection for Luis Alberto's weekend wedding means he's totally on his way.

Red pants have to mean Liverpool. Like, by Tuesday. Or at least soon and within the week. Probably. Unless they mean he's staying at Sevilla.

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