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Rumour Mongering: Suarez to Madrid Was Only a Matter of Time

The Spanish media have today linked Luis Suarez with a £100M plus move to Real Madrid. It was only a matter of time.

Alex Livesey

Last summer, Luis Suarez to Real Madrid rumours surfaced early, fuelled by talk from the player and his agent that he needed to escape the negativity he believed had attached itself to his career in England. Fresh off being rated the world's third most valuable player, it kicks off early again this year by way of Madrid's propaganda arm, Marca.

In truth, it was only a matter of time before somebody linked Suarez away seriously, making neither his nor Madrid's involvement in a new set of rumours especially surprising. Sooner or later, Suarez to Madrid was always going to come up, and for Liverpool fans at least it's the Spanish press kicking off the story this time and not Suarez himself.

So. Suarez. To Real Madrid. For upwards of £100M and with Carlo Ancelotti deciding he still wants to keep Karim Benzema around to fetch Suarez his yerba mate. Suarez, meanwhile, was handed a new, £200k a week deal this season and since the end of the season the player has signalled he expects to be at Liverpool next season.

Still, if Madrid actually do end up coming for him the Spanish giants would be a draw. Liverpool's return to the Champions League, though, and that the club appear determined to match the ambition of their best player would seem to improve their chances of holding on to Suarez if, as Marca suggests it will, that does come to pass.

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