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Rumour Mongering: Maxi Pereira to Replace Glen Johnson?

A 30-year-old international right back who played at the World Cup in Brazil could replace a 30-year-old international right back who played at the World Cup in Brazil.

Michael Steele

Uruguay are out of the World Cup so any transfer negotiations involving any player from that nation who was on duty in Brazil will presumably quicken in speed after the defeat against Colombia. Liverpool haven't been linked to many right backs as the greater need is believed to be on the left and centre of defence. Micah Richards has been linked(once again) after news that he will not extend his contract with only a year remaining but Maxi Pereira can be added to the list of unlikely potential right back recruits. Oh joy.

The UK's Daily Express reports that "Liverpool officials" have made "tentative enquiries" for the Benfica defender and that may have been the case if Liverpool were looking for a tenth option in the event the first nine didn't come through. The interest has reputedly been spurred on by the willingness of QPR's Harry Redknapp to buy a few of his former players, Glen Johnson included. The Liverpool right back has a year remaining on his contract and his form has fluctuated over the course of last season with injuries and a possible downturn in desire and/or peak contributing to this.

If Glen Johnson doesn't sign a new contract then Liverpool have two options: sell him or keep him. However, one of these options may hold other smaller ones inside them like a cleverly crafted Russian doll. Keep him for one more season but look for a replacement. This could work in that Johnson would be motivated to earn a lucrative contract as a Bosman transfer for some of Europe's big clubs. He'd be in the same scenario next year as Bacary Sagna is now and may earn himself a joyous three-year contract at a respectable club at 31 years of age. This would work well for Liverpool in that the transition wouldn't be too bad as there'd be a player with renewed motivation and Liverpool could have sufficient time to scout a replacement extensively for the system in place.

Liverpool could keep Johnson with a view to finding an agreement with the player over the course of the upcoming season so that he could stay to guide his eventual replacement be it Andre Wisdom, Ryan McLaughlin, or Jon Flanagan. There is also the keep him and see what happens.Maybe he'll stay or maybe he won't. Maybe offer him a contract or maybe not. Oh, it will be one-year but look, there's another team so let's make it a three-year renewal. Oh, he's gone.The Arsenal school of veteran contract renewal negotiations.

So, Maxi Pereira. He did quite well in the Europa League for Benfica but struggled in the Champions League. He's also 30 years old, which doesn't bode well for a transfer to Liverpool as a starter. There's also the possibility of facing Joel Campbell against Arsenal and he might be haunted by the sight of him so much so that he'd kick out to receive a red card to add to the one he received against Costa Rica in Uruguay's first game in Brazil. It's unlikey this transfer will happen but it could be the start of greater links for right backs, which could mean that replacing Glen Johnson could be an option Liverpool are exploring this summer in addition to strengthening other areas of the defence.

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