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Moreno Deal Could Include Aspas as Makeweight

As Liverpool work towards a deal for left back Alberto Moreno, Sevilla's representatives are believed to be heading to England with a chance Iago Aspas could soon go the other way.

Julian Finney

The deal to bring Alberto Moreno to Liverpool continues to inch towards completion, but despite earlier suggestions out of Spain a medical could happen as soon as Thursday, there remain more than a few loose ends and uncertainties. There is also a growing belief that after failing to convince Sevilla to take Suso on loan, Liverpool may now be trying to include Iago Aspas in the deal.

After reports the player could head to England as soon as Thursday for a medical, Marca have backed off and are suggesting instead that it will be members of Sevilla's upper management and not the player traveling to Liverpool this week in order to sort out the final few details of a deal in person. Despite the delay, both sides are believed to still be seeking a rapid conclusion to negotiations.

Along with the possibility of including Aspas as a makeweight in the deal, there remain details to work out regarding total fee and the structuring of payments. There has also been an added measure of uncertainty added by Sevilla's president, who has today sought to cool talk of the Moreno deal being all but done when he was asked about it by the Spanish press.

"There’s interest from Liverpool and we’re waiting to see if that turns into a reality, which right now, it isn’t," said Sevilla president Jose Castro. "We’ll not force anyone to stay at Sevilla. Whoever wants to leave can do so, but we’ll be the ones setting the prices. This club is experiencing a time of economic stability and we don’t need to sell."

Despite his protestations, there is little reason to doubt that a deal to bring Moreno to Liverpool is at an advanced stage given the weight of information sourced from both clubs. Moreno completing his medical on Thursday might now appear an overly optimistic timeline, but it continues to be a question of when and not if the fullback becomes a Liverpool player.

There is also now the question of whether Liverpool might be able to solve two problems with the deal, bringing in a potential long-term solution to their left back problems while at the same time finding a new home for a player who failed to impress after arriving from La Liga last summer.

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