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Moreno Deal Breaks Down

After being stalled for most of a month now, it's hardly surprising to learn that negotiations to bring Alberto Moreno to Anfield have broken down completely.

David Ramos

Earlier in the week, Sevilla president Jose Castro said a deal to send left back Alberto Moreno to Liverpool remained possible. That while a deal may have stalled, talks hadn't broken down completely. Today, it's safe to say that they have, and any chance Moreno could still end up at Anfield has all but disappeared.

"The Alberto talks aren't going anywhere," Sevilla Sporting Director Monchi told Spanish newspaper El Correo de Andalucia. "We couldn't reach an agreement and I don't think a deal can be revived. It was good offer, but the player is only 21 years old. He has a lot of room to grow and the coach is very happy to have him."

Liverpool were widely reported to have offered Sevilla a €20M deal for Moreno and the early signs were that the Spanish club would accept. Then, instead, they tried to get a bidding war started for the player, seeking to drive his fee up by a couple of million Euros.

When that didn't work, they pushed Liverpool to offer a larger percentage of the fee up front. Liverpool refused to budge on their original offer, which they had been led to believe would be enough to conclude the matter quickly. Now, any chance of a deal looks gone, especially after Sevilla finalised the sale of Ivan Rakitic to Barcelona.

"My feeling is that the negotiations are paralysed and I don't see any hint they will be restarted," added Monchi. "We put a price on our players which we believe to be appropriate. Whoever wants to buy, can buy. Also, with the sale of Ivan Rakitic our financial needs are met. We don't have the burden we had at other times."

Liverpool have in recent weeks been linked to left backs Daley Blind and Marcos Rojo, both of whom would likely cost around half of what Sevilla ended up wanting for Alberto Moreno.

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