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Rumour Mongering: Barcelona Plot World Record Cash and Players Suarez Swap

In the land of rumour mongering there are rumours and then there are rumours. And this is a rumour. To the tune of £80M plus Alexis Sanchez and Pedro Rodriguez for Luis Suarez.

David Ramos

Yesterday, a plurality said they would be content with Liverpool selling Luis Suarez to Real Madrid or Barcelona, but only for a world record fee of the sort that was often talked about before the striker bit Italy's Giorgio Chiellini on Tuesday. Most, though, believed that after that incident—the third time he has bitten an opponent in his career—there was little chance of such an offer being made.

Now, there's a rumour that Barcelona have in fact not been scared off of Suarez and will offer Liverpool up to £80M plus attackers Alexis Sanchez and Pedro Rodriguez in exchange for the Uruguayan. The combined value of cash and players on offer in such a deal would push into the £125M range, making it a deal Liverpool would conceivably have at least considered even before Suarez' latest incident.

Today, the club would likely do more than consider it. Anybody thinking they just might like to see such a deal come to fruition, though, would do well to remember that player exchanges almost never pan out. They would also do well to note that it's the Mirror who kicked this latest twist to the Suarez rumours off. Which means it's probably safe to file under "Things We Now Know Will Never Ever Happen."

Still, it's the kind of deal that after Tuesday a great many people would have trouble turning down—including, one would imagine, the people running Liverpool Football Club. And with corresponding rumours out of Spain that Barcelona are still in the hunt, it's the kind of deal Liverpool must insist on if they're to sell their most talented player.

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