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Liverpool Going Back for Top Midfield Target

Despite insisting their last offer for the player was in fact their last offer for the player, Liverpool now plan to return for Southampton's Adam Lallana following the World Cup.

Shaun Botterill

Liverpool's hunt for a left back has seen multiple targets linked to the club following Sevilla's attempt to spark a bidding war for Alberto Moreno, and Liverpool continue to be linked to a slew of attacking targets, but as yet no weighty new midfield rumours have surfaced. With good reason, as it turns out: Liverpool have decided to try again for Adam Lallana following the World Cup.

The club made what at the time was reported as a take it or leave it offer for Lallana before England headed off to Brazil, but Southampton refused to bite. Part of their reluctance to deal was due to Liverpool not offering a fee large enough for them to keep £20M after paying off the 25% they owe to Bournemouth, but in part it was also due to a reluctance to make moves without a manager in place.

Now that Ronald Koeman has taken the job, there is renewed hope at Anfield based on the belief that Saints' new manager might decide he'd rather take the money on offer rather than try to keep hold of a player who clearly wants away. It's also possible that despite presenting the last offer as their final one, Liverpool might be willing to restructure the deal to give Southampton more up front.

Despite talk of a £25M offer, only around £15M was believed to be guaranteed. Liverpool originally offered Southampton £20M, with around £15M of that guaranteed and the remaining £5M made up of add-ons. However, the later, improved deal tabled by Liverpool was believed to have only tacked further add-ons onto the original offer—add-ons Southampton believed were never likely to be triggered.

It all leaves room for some uncertainty moving forward. Liverpool could end up offering more up front, or they might push for the player to hand in a transfer request to his new manager while refusing to budge on that earlier offer. It is unlikely that they will suddenly offer Southampton the £30M in guaranteed money the Saints want up front—not when before the World Cup any guaranteed money amounted to roughly half that.

About all that is certain is that Adam Lallana remains Liverpool's top midfield target. And that despite talk of the club walking away if they couldn't get a deal done ahead of the World Cup, Liverpool are going back in for him whenever England's time in Brazil comes to an end.

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