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Southampton Look to Reconcile With Adam Lallana

Having hired a new manager, Southampton believe they may have a chance to reconcile with wantaway star and Liverpool target Adam Lallana.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Despite Liverpool's suggestion Liverpool had made a final, take it or leave it £25M offer for Southampton's Adam Lallana ahead of the World Cup, there remains some doubt as to whether Brendan Rodgers has given up and moved on from his top midfield target.

For Southampton's part, after appearing to take an antagonistic stance by refusing to return the player's calls, the club's executive director says he is hoping that with the arrival of new manager Ronald Koeman there can be a reconciliation with the player.

"We've brought him to this level, and we could feel that perhaps he should give it a little bit longer with us," Southampton executive director Les Reed told BBC Radio Solent today, expressing his belief that Lallana could be convinced to remain for at least one more season.

Given the player's desire to leave this summer, Southampton will have a lot of work to do if they're to convince Lallana to stay. As they always intended, though, the new manager will get his chance to do that convincing—or to decide he'd rather take the transfer fee.

Any talks and decisions, though, will still have to wait for the end of the World Cup, following which the fate of Adam Lallana—and of Liverpool's interest in him—should quickly become far more clear.

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