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Moreno Fee Reportedly Agreed Between Liverpool and Sevilla

Reports in Spain have Liverpool close to getting their man, a fee set to be agreed with Sevilla for the transfer of 21 year old fullback Alberto Moreno.

David Ramos

It's become clear over the past few weeks that Liverpool's plan of getting business done prior to the World Cup was top priority, with bids submitted for a number of targets in England and beyond. Their first announced signing will be one closer to home, with Rickie Lambert set to be unveiled tomorrow, but reports from Spanish media have the club close to sealing a deal for the transfer of 21 year old Sevilla fullback.

The rumored fee is the same as originally reported (£16-17m), only now there are additional add-ons set to be included (which could see the eventual cost rise close to £19m or beyond) rather than Suso. The young midfielder/winger had his name attached in the original discussion of a move for Moreno, but the last few days saw Sevilla's interest in cash rather than player emerge.

That's positive news for those holding out hope for Suso's immediate future at Liverpool, but the more important story at the current time is that the club finally look to have the fullback they've needed for years. He's not perfect by any stretch, and if Jose Enrique sticks around and is fit for the coming season (or Jon Flanagan manages to keep a spot on the left rather than returning to the right), there's no guarantee that Moreno would walk straight into the starting eleven.

But at worst this guarantees competition for places, and at best it solves one of the longer-standing concerns in Liverpool's squad for years to come. Given the investment by Brendan Rodgers and company, it seems they're banking on the latter.

Video by LFCTikiTaka

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