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Rumour Mongering: Alexis Sanchez is Not for Sale

Liverpool being linked to Barcelona attackers who won't ever arrive is something of a transfer window tradition. Alexis Sanchez was one of them. And Barcelona are insistent he isn't for sale.

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce

So far this summer, Liverpool have been linked to Christian Tello, Alexis Sanchez, Pedro, and Bojan. For those struggling to keep track on their fingers and toes, that's four Barcelona attackers with the season having been over for less than three weeks. None have seemed especially likely, with the smart money always on all four being cases of baseless rumour mongering.

Now, at least one of them can be said to be certain not to be heading to Liverpool any time soon—or anywhere else for that matter—after Barcelona's president came out to warn clubs off Sanchez. With the player having been linked to Juventus and Arsenal as well as Liverpool, Josep Bartomeu decided he'd had enough of the speculation over his club's winger.

"Alexis is not a Barcelona player who is on the market," said Bartomeu, going out of his way to make sure there was no room for uncertainty or interpretation. "He has a contract with us and he has had an excellent season for us. Obviously he is part of our plans for next season—we have always wanted him here and he is a highly valued player at this club."

For the right price, of course, nearly any player is for sale. And despite Bartomeu's insistence, for the right price Alexis Sanchez would be, too. It seems clear, though, that Barcelona won't be looking to ship him out, and as a result the right price in this case would almost certainly be higher than any of the so far linked clubs would be willing to pay for him.

"We do not know anything about this interest," added Barca's president. "Nothing official has reached us. For that you would have to speak to the player's agent. I read so many things these days about the summer transfer market, there are so many stories, I think it is best not to comment at all."

That still leaves Bojan, Pedro, and Tello of course. Though given they all have a history of being linked to Liverpool and the latest rumours appear lazy rehashing of those older stories, it's probably best to assume they're all as unlikely to wind up at Anfield as Alexis Sanchez is.

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