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Reina Will Wait Until After World Cup to Decide Liverpool Future

The season's over and his loan has ended, but anyone hoping that would mean a quick resolution to the Pepe Reina saga won't be getting it until after the World Cup—at best.

David Ramos

With the season over and his Napoli loan ended, Pepe Reina is once again a Liverpool player. Though he hardly let a week pass during the season without reminding people of that fact, for now, Reina is content to worry only about the present and his national team duties.

"Right now I'm only thinking of La Roja," said Reina. "With regards to a new club, I will first have to speak to Liverpool. My season on loan at Napoli has been very positive and I thank the Napoli people and the club."

"With Barcelona there is nothing, they have just acquired [Marc-Andre] ter Stegen, and they have that role covered. I haven't had any contact either with Atletico Madrid, I think they will do all they can to keep [Thibaut] Courtois."

His time at Napoli wasn't a complete disaster, but it wasn't the career renaissance many would have hoped for—and that for a time early in the season it looked as though it might be. And certainly Barcelona and Atletico, his two seemingly most likely destinations, now seem to be off the table entirely.

It all leaves the question of what comes next for Reina more than a little up in the air. At least outside of the part where he gets to watch this summer's World Cup from some of the best seats in the stadium as Spain's number two.

Added Reina: "I will return to Liverpool but I think I'm not in the coaching plans."

He isn't. And hopefully a permanent move somewhere can be found quickly for him, for the sake of everyone involved in a saga that has now stretched all the way from the opening of last summer's transfer window.

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