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Rumour Mongering: Bojan, Because of Course

Adding a fourth name to the list of linked Barcelona attackers, Liverpool are now rumoured to be interested in Bojan Krkic. Because of course they are.

Don't you forget about me...
Don't you forget about me...
Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Bojan Krkic. The 23-year-old attacker most Barcelona fans barely remember exists and who has spent the past few years variously on loan at Roma, Milan, and Ajax. Easy to overlook as he may be, though, he's still technically under contract—and entirely unwanted—at the Catalan club, and so it only stands to reason he would end up linked to Liverpool sooner or later.

That sooner or later is now, and after already being dubiously linked to Christian Tello, Alexis Sanchez, and Pedro, most Liverpool fans will be rolling their eyes at this latest addition to the unwanted Barcelona player linked to Liverpool catalogue. The difference here is that, while Tello, Sanchez, and Pedro may all still hold some value to Barcelona, Bojan truly and unquestionably is unwanted.

Having floated around Barcelona as their next supremely talented superstar, an aversion to putting in overmuch effort combined with being not quite good enough yet to get away with having an aversion to putting in overmuch effort ended with him being loaned out to Roma. And then to AC Milan. And most recently to Ajax, where the not-quite-striker scored a measly four goals in 24 appearances in the free-scoring Dutch league.

It's hardly an impressive return for a player who at best could be described as having a languid playing style—and at worst could be called indifferent. On the upside, he'd be sub-£5M cheap and was, for a time back when Barcelona fans could be counted on to remember he existed, seen as a brighter prospect than Lionel Messi.

Now, one struggles to imagine a world where he fulfils even a fraction of that promise. One also struggles to imagine a world where talk of him moving to Liverpool turns out to be anything more than the lazy ramblings of rumour mongers seeking to fill spare column inches. Or: nothing to see here, move along.

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