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Luis Alberto Suárez Díaz: Galáctico?

Real Madrid's pursuit of 'La Décima' finally came to an end but will a chase for the Premier League's player of the year commence this summer?

This even looks like a Real Madrid press conference.
This even looks like a Real Madrid press conference.
David Ramos

If Karim Benzema doesn't renew his contract for whatever reason, then Real Madrid will probably sell the French international striker. He has done well as the sole senior striker for Real Madrid after the departure of his rotation mate, Gonzalo Higuaín, to Napoli. This was the season where a forward in his prime, who appeared to possess all the necessary tools to excel as a forward in the current game, would finally shine without any interruptions in the famous white kit.

Zinedine Zidane holds great power at Real Madrid as assistant coach and technical director. Carlo Ancelotti's right-hand man was reputed to be behind the move to provide Benzema with the opportunity to prove himself as a capable forward for Real Madrid. This season, Real's number nine has scored roughly one in two across the Copa del Rey, Champions League, and Liga to further his claims for greater security in position. His assist rate of roughly one in four in those same competitions reveal a striker capable of playing at the highest level and under the most pressure.

72 goals in 159 La Liga games for Real is not worthy of derision but this Real Madrid. His work in creating chances for others, working the channels, and scoring goals should be respected. Maybe it is not a case of not respecting the player but of seizing the opportunity to get a better player. A superior, if expensive, star player. Good players at Real Madrid get tossed aside all the time, just ask Arjen Robben and Claude Makélélé. It happens and is part of Real Madrid life where politics and popularity can dictate the future of a player instead of competence on the field and contribution to a strong team spirit amongst the players.

Replacing a very good player is not an easy task but there are two who may not find it difficult to do so. Sergio Agüero and Luis Suárez are probably the two strikers that fill the technical and global profile necessary to play alongside Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo. Imagine a front three with either South American superstar at its centre buzzing around and scoring goals. If El Pistolero is there, then one can forget about finding any positive images at such thoughts but who would get behind Agüero leaving Man City for Spanish climes?

Assessing the chances of Madrid snaring one are difficult. When Real Madrid come calling, especially for South American players, there is usually one inevitable outcome. Oh inevitability! Yet Man City cannot be bullied financially and the Argentine superstar has been injured for significant portions of the recently ended season. Liverpool's number seven is probably at his highest value commercially and professionally in his career irrespective of what transpires at the forthcoming World Cup.

Suárez 's value could easily hold for another season given his age and Liverpool may come to an agreement to sell him next summer if Real Madrid knock on the door next summer with two black suitcases full of genuine currency. Tottenham and Manchester United took different routes in keeping a star player for one more season in the knowledge that the pull of Europe's most successful club is too considerable for player and club to ignore.

Florentino Pérez is overjoyed at such a successful season in winning the Champions League but there could be the notion that such an event should be crowned by acquiring a player to capture the imagination. After the season he's had, who else could there be but Luis Suárez? Could Liverpool resist an offer close to world record status? Should a professional footballer who turns 28 in roughly six months turn down an opportunity to play for the most glamorous, fickle, grand, and testing club in world football?

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