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Rumour Mongering: A Farewell to Ince

If Inter Milan seal a reported move for Tom Ince it could finally end the persistent—and untrue—rumours of Liverpool interest. If.

Ross Kinnaird

With reports suggesting Tom Ince is in Milan and on the verge of sealing a move to Serie A giants Inter, Liverpool fans may have heard the 22-year-old winger's name linked to the club for the final time. At least assuming Ince is actually on the verge of signing with Inter. Speaking of which, perhaps somebody should check with them to see if they know they're supposed to be on the verge of signing Ince.

In January, after all, there were reports that Ince was on the verge of sealing a switch to Liverpool or Monaco. Neither club much knew they were supposed to be interested in him, though, and he ended up at Crystal Palace on loan. Where he made five starts and three appearances off the bench in half a season as a fringe player on Tony Pulis' resurgent side. And now Inter are going to snap him up because why not?

Perhaps it's even true that he is about to sign in Italy. He's not an entirely untalented player, and as a bonus he comes cheap. He also comes with his father Paul, who arrived with him in Italy and has been busy talking to the Italian media about his son's impending deal just as he talked to the English media about his move to Liverpool or moneybags Monaco before Ince the younger ended up at Palace on loan.

So. A farewell to Tom Ince seems in order, given no player has been so frequently linked to Liverpool while the club repeatedly signals they don't actually have the slightest interest. Or at least one hopes it is a farewell. With Ince and links to clubs of a stature seemingly beyond his current talent it usually pays to be skeptical, and it's as likely we'll be hearing him linked to Liverpool again by next week.

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