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Leverkusen Confirm Liverpool's Emre Can Interest

Though Liverpool have yet to make an official offer, Bayern Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voller has confirmed the English club's interest in midfielder Emre Can.

Alex Grimm

With transfer rumours, no matter how seemingly solid, there is always uncertainty. Agents leak information in search of a better deal while the clubs themselves can have ulterior motives in whose names they drop. Usually reliable sources can simply get it wrong. About as clear as it ever gets is when an upper management figure answers a point blank question on the record.

"We know of their interest but there is nothing official," was Bayern Leverkusen sporting director Rudi Voller's answer when Bild asked him about Liverpool's rumoured interest in 20-year-old midfielder Emre Can. "Of course Emre has a clause in his contract now and we're still waiting for a decision. The return on our investment would make for lucrative business."

Leverkusen paid €5.5M to capture from Bayern Munich, and a €12M release clause would certainly turn them a decent profit. There is plenty of confusion, though, over whether the release clause is in conflict with a buy-back inserted by Bayern or if the German giants would simply get the chance to trigger their clause should Liverpool choose to trigger Can's buyout.

To Voller, though, none of the convoluted clause and contract issues may much matter if Can believes as he does that his development would be better served by staying at Leverkusen for at least one more season and starting week and week out. Given he'd likely be second choice were he to head to Liverpool or return to Bayern, it's a point Can might be willing to at least consider.

"That is not the sticking point," Voller insisted of the contract clauses. "We are of the option Emre would do well to stay another year. Rodgers Schmidt has already spoken to him; he is really into the player. I am convinced Can would become even better under Roger and I have spoken with his agent on the matter. We think that another season at Leverkusen would be right for Emre."

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