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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Target Johnson Replacement

Rumour has Liverpool looking at Maxi Pereira as Glen Johnson's January replacement, but given his age and rumoured cost this seems unlikely.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Glen Johnson's days as a Liverpool player are numbered. With his contract running down and the 30-year-old defender unwilling to take either a pay cut or shortened deal to stick around at Anfield for a little while longer, the only question is whether he leaves on a free in the summer or for a few quid in January.

According to the Mirror at least, his imminent departure means that Liverpool will seek to replace him with Maxi Pereira, who they believe would cost the club £4M to pry away from Benfica in January. The problem with that idea is that, like Johnson, Pereira's contract only has six months to run on it, meaning they could have him for free in the summer.

He's also, like Johnson, a 30-year-old fullback playing, only he's playing in a lesser league. He might be a relatively known quantity, at least for Liverpool fans who watched him play for Uruguay over the years Luis Suarez was at the club, but like Liverpool's current aging right back he's a player on the decline, one who has never played outside of Uruguay or Portugal.

Even if he adjusted instantly to the Premier League, it would be a lateral move at best for Liverpool—and that's assuming they can recoup the entire £4M by selling Johnson to Milan or some other Serie A club in January. And it's probably safer to assume they can't. But then it's also probably safe to assume the club aren't actually interested in Maxi Pereira.

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