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Rumour Mongering: Montoya to Leave Barcelona for Juventus, Arsenal, or Liverpool

Barcelona right back Martin Montoya, having been frozen out at Barcelona, is determined to leave the club in January and is rumoured to be a target of Juventus, Arsenal, and Liverpool.

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Barcelona right back Martin Montoya has been linked to Liverpool in past transfer windows. Which means, inevitably, that he will be linked to Liverpool again, regardless of whether there was ever any real interest in brining the Spaniard to Anfield. And so, right on queue, over the past few weeks he has been.

Only this time around there might be something to the rumours. At the very least there's something to the idea that the 23-year-old Montoya, still stuck down the depth chart for Barcelona at a time when many assumed he would have taken over for Dani Alves, will be moving somewhere. For one thing, his agent is insisting he's moving on.

"Martin wants to leave Barcelona," was agent Juan Carrasco's rather unequivocal take on the matter when asked by the Italian media. "Tomorrow there will be a meeting with the club and we will communicate that we have made our decision. He will leave the club in January, and there are sides interested in him England, Italy, and Germany.

"The decision has been made, and we will see how things develop. I do not think they will stand in his way. The coach decides who will play, but if Martin does not feel he will play, then he will have to leave. Actions count more than words, so I do not intend to discuss who is at fault or to blame. The important thing is that Martin intends to leave now."

Despite working his way through the ranks at Barcelona and being highly regarded by many within the club, Montoya has been frozen out by new manager Luis Enrique and has only played once so far this season. Last year he made 19 appearances. Along with Liverpool, Arsenal and Juventus are rumoured to be interested in the player.

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