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Rumour Mongering: Klopp for the Kop

With Liverpool getting worse rather than better, it's no great surprise to find the rumour mongers moving from players to managers, and they're starting at the top with Jurgen Klopp.

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Those with solid connections inside the club insist that Brendan Rodgers' job security is not currently a talking point at the ownership level. With one point to show from their last four league games and four losses in a row in all competitions, though, those who more usually seek to monger player rumours are turning their eyes towards managerial hires.

Top of the list is, inevitably, Jurgen Klopp. The Dortmund boss is having his own difficult season in Germany, sat 16th of 18 teams and with 11 points after 12 games. It's a situation with more than a few parallels to Liverpool's—after finishing second last season playing thrilling attacking football, they lost Robert Lewandowski over the summer and now Marco Reus is injured.

Struggling to establish a new identity without Lewandowski after he left for Bayern and, now that he's fallen to injury again, Reus has made for an unpleasant season so far for Dortmund supporters. And while Klopp's longer resume than Rodgers has mostly kept the loudest doubters at bay, whispers he could be ready for a change in scenery have begun to crop up in recent weeks.

"I think it's the only country where I should work," he said last week when asked about the chance he could leave Germany at some point in the not too distant future. "It's the only country where I know the language a little bit and I need that for my work. If somebody will call me, then we will talk about it."

The first rumours suggested that Arsenal, where a significant and vocal minority of the fanbase will always want Arsene Wenger replaced, could be a potential landing spot should Klopp's struggles continue with Dortmund. Following Liverpool's dire performance against Crystal Palace, Liverpool have been added to the mix by some.

In the end, though, there are a few problems with any suggestions the club are already sounding Klopp's people out on a potential move. Namely that anyone half-way reliable when it comes to Liverpool Football Club say that the owners aren't even considering replacing Rodgers at the moment. There's also the fact that Klopp, if he were to leave Dortmund, likely wouldn't before the end of the season.

Even if Klopp to Liverpool seems a tabloid daydream, though, it does speak to just how poorly Liverpool have played of late—and just how poor their loss to Crystal Palace was—that player rumours have largely been abandoned this week in favour of managerial ones. Add in a loss to Ludogorets or Stoke City, and things could start to get really ugly.

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