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Rumour Mongering: Gerrard to Manchester City Because Compliments Equal Transfers

Manuel Pellegrini thinks Steven Gerrard can still do a half-decent job at the footballing, Steven Gerrard hasn't signed a contract extension yet at Liverpool, so he's going to Manchester City soon.

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Alex Livesey

Concerns about Steven Gerrard's future were assuaged almost immediately, as the club followed up his interview in the Telegraph--which probably wasn't the most endearing conversation the captain's ever had in print--with news that evening that a contract extension was, in fact, in the works. Brendan Rodgers has followed up on that report in the wake of the 1-0 loss at Newcastle on Saturday, noting that he "wants (Gerrard) to be part of what we're doing here."

But. BUT. Steven Gerrard is a player coveted by teams across the continent, famous for batting away the interest of the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich and probably Malmo too. He didn't sound particularly thrilled with the team's transfer business this summer, probably wants to win the league title rather than being the least bad team in the top seven or eight in the Premier League, and, wouldn't you know it, Manuel Pellegrini thinks Gerrard is just swell:

"I don't ever rate players on their age. It depends on the money they cost and the number of years they have (on their contract). But, like Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard is a top player and he can continue at a high level for a couple more years."

Like they always say: if you're old enough, you're good enough. Or maybe that's not it.

At any rate, it would be an odd move for Gerrard, and one that doesn't seem particularly useful at this point in his career for any reason other than a clearer shot at a winner's medal. Wages wouldn't be an issue, but he'd see much less of the pitch than were he to stay on Merseyside. He's pretty much guaranteed to start nearly every match in the Premier League and Europe this season, and Rodgers has indicated that he sees the captain playing for another few seasons before taking on a more limited role.

Maybe the chance at a title trumps all, but it would be shocking if an extension wasn't announced in the next few months.

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