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Liverpool Willing to Pay "Premium" for Origi in January

Liverpool are looking to pay an additional transfer sum to Lille for a player they already purchased. Wait, what?

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Last Thursday, Divock Origi was totally, absolutely, and enthusiastically open to making a move to Liverpool in January, quite literally because French football. His statements set the internet alight, and the following day he quickly clarified that he'd continue to give 100% to Lille until his move to Merseyside in the summer. That was that, until Sunday night brought renewed hope of a move from Liverpool's end of things.

The story falls in line with rumours that popped up on Friday that Liverpool were willing to pay an additional £10m to fast track Origi's arrival on Merseyside, but both the steep price and the source didn't lend much credibility to the rumour.

But it turns out the news isn't exactly new, as it was reported by Tony Barrett in The Times last Friday but the newspaper's paywall seems to have kept it under wraps until late Sunday evening. Barrett is a solid source on all things Liverpool, and his confirmation of the club's willingness to pay this "premium" certainly gives the rumours some legitimacy.

As for the fee reported by the Daily Mail, the Times piece didn't put on a number on what Liverpool were offering Lille for Origi's early release. £10m is an incredibly steep price to pay given that Origin's transfer fee in and of itself was £10m and doubling a nineteen year-old's overall transfer fee to get him five months early seems like the knee-jerkiest of knee-jerk reactions to Liverpool's challenges in attack.

Of course, stranger things have happened. Your move, Lille.

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