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Origi Pours Water On Fans' Hopes Of January Move

Despite yesterday's quotes declaring that he wanted out of Lille, Divock Origi took to Twitter to reaffirm his commitment to Lille for the rest of the season.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Liverpool fans got all up in a flutter yesterday, after Divock Origi strongly implied that he wanted to end his loan with Lille in January rather than at the end of the season. It's understandable why, given how much Liverpool have struggled at striker, and Origi's immense talents at the position.

All good hopes must come to a bone-shattering end, though, and this time it's Origi himself doing the ending:

So... yeah. Maybe no Origi in January after all. To be fair, this could easily be the result of Lille and/or Liverpool telling him to put a damper on his quotes so as to not impact any potential negotiations over the matter, but it's not as though a move was guaranteed even after his plea yesterday.

There's still plenty of time between now and the end of the January transfer window to figure things out one way or the other, but today's twitter statement from Origi certainly makes it look a lot more doubtful that the striker will be wearing the right shade of red this season.

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