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Rumour Mongering: Valdes to be Given Liverpool Trial

With rumours his agent is in Liverpool to conclude a deal and that he will be handed a trial to prove his fitness over the international break, there could be resolution soon in the case of Victor Valdes.

Scott Heavey

Liverpool's rumoured interest in Victor Valdes, having rumbled along quietly in the background since before the season began, appears to be inching closer to a resolution this week even if most of the available information remains of the speculative variety. With the goalkeeper nearly recovered from tearing the cruciate ligament in his knee last March, at the very least there will soon be little standing in the way of Liverpool completing the long-rumoured free transfer.

The sources leave something to be desired, but both the Daily Express and Mail have said that the goalkeeper's agent attended Liverpool's match against West Brom on Saturday while he was in Liverpool to conclude negotiations. Meanwhile, the Mirror and others report that Valdes will be given a brief trial with the club over the international break to prove he's fit enough to challenge for minutes this season. If he can do that, he could be a Liverpool player before the club's next match.

Valdes tore the ligaments in his knee late in March against Celta Vigo, and with Monaco pulling out of a contract pre-agreement to bring the 31-year-old shot-stopper to Ligue 1, the player has been free to sign with the club of his choosing since his Barcelona contract ran down at the end of last season. To date, there has been little sign of serious interest in the player outside of Liverpool, where he will at the least compete for the starting job with Simon Mignolet.

If he does arrive over the next week or two, it seems unlikely he would be in contention to start from the very start. Fit to pass a medical or not, he's missed more than half a season and will take some time getting up to speed. There's also the small matter of Mignolet, who has struggled at times this year but last season was arguably the best shot-stopper in England. Still, given Valdes' injury situation, there aren't likely to be many other top sides willing to at the least give him a chance.

At Liverpool, assuming the deal goes through, he will at least get that, while even if he cannot overtake Mignolet as the number one should see the club's current starter pushed to raise his game. If he does sign, Liverpool's league cup date against Swansea on October 28th could be the most likely target for his first start since March.

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