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Rumour Mongering: Edinson Cavani Redux

Edinson Cavani is being linked with a move to Liverpool again. It's probably safe to ignore it.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

Unfinished transfer deals and moves that never quite come off rather have a way of overstaying their relevance in the land of rumour mongering. It's how you get your Pedros and Arda Turans, players who will be linked to a move that will never happen for the remainder of their careers following summers in which moves for them seemed genuinely possible.

So it seems to be going for Edinson Cavani, who is being linked to a move to Liverpool in January after spending a spell in August supposedly near the top of the shopping list. Following the signing of Mario Balotelli, there were suggestions the club had sounded out Cavani's people and a deal hadn't looked possible. It did, though, seem that there was at least some interest.

Either because Cavani didn't fancy a move, or his wage demands would have been preposterous, or because Liverpool were put off by the reported £50-plus price-tag for the 27-year-old, they moved on. And Cavani stayed in a situation that, by most accounts, he doesn't see as ideal—being paid a lot of money to play second-fiddle to Zlatan Ibrahimovic in a second-tier league.

Rekindling the Cavani to Liverpool rumours for January, then, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. At the end of the day, even if Cavani were willing, PSG's asking price would simply be too high for Liverpool. A striker might well be a January target, but even with a portion of the Suarez money left unspent, the club won't be spending more than £50 on one.

Like the idea of Cavani in Liverpool red or not, that's about the sum of the situation, at least heading into the next transfer window. Reheated rumours linking him to an Anfield move once again are little more than the lazy work of people with no connections to the clubs or players involved looking for a lazy rumour to tout, and should be roundly ignored.

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