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Rumor Mongering: Another 48 Hours Edition

A new name comes into the fold as developments for two older links emerge, all the while leaving us mostly where we started the day.

Jamie McDonald

After a rush of pseudo-developments over the past few weeks, transfer news and rumors have ground somewhat to a halt. There's still the odd rumbling and ranting, of course, but nothing with the concrete feel of an approach for Kyriakos Papadopoulos or settling a move for veteran defender Kolo Toure. It seems as though we're getting closer, though, as the Liverpool Echo is today running a story that involves developments regarding both Iago Aspas, who's set to be confirmed within the next 48 hours, and Tiago Ilori, for whom the club have reportedly tabled a bid.

Aspas has been the most locked-on of all targets outside of Kolo Toure, with the conversation seemingly all but settled regarding his arrival over the past few weeks. There's been nothing to indicate that there'll be any hiccups or hold-ups, and if James Pearce is accurate (as he is wont to be), Liverpool will be announcing their second singing of the summer by the start of the weekend.

We haven't heard quite as much on Ilori, who's been linked to a handful of other clubs in the time since we first heard his name connected to Liverpool. The lack of public movement hasn't meant that the interest went away, as now the club have placed a bid in the region of £3m for the young central defender, who would arrive not as an immediate starter but someone around whom the central defense could be organized in the future. I'm still encouraged by what I've seen from the youngster, but I don't know that I'm convinced he's miles ahead of where Sebastian Coates might be were he to be give additional playing time.

Another, more established central defender has joined the fray--or at least as far as I'm aware--as well, with Lyon and Croatia man Dejan Lovren is apparently the target of a Liverpool bid in the near future. This one's news to me, and I know very little about the player other than the trouble he got himself into earlier in the spring by accusing the club of killing his love for the game. Sounds positive.

Regardless, it's likely that the club will continue to see additional names linked, especially at the back, where a resolution is not yet in sight for Kyriakos Papadopoulos. That doesn't mean we have to skimp on the videos, though, because synth-rock and MS Video Editor graphics are the fuel for our existence.

Video by TearziLFC

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