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Liverpool Unconcerned by Monaco's Daniel Agger Interest

Fresh off promotion back into Ligue One in France, AS Monaco--aided by Dmitry Rybolovlev's billions--have targeted a transfer for Daniel Agger, a move which Liverpool say won't be happening.

Gareth Copley

Last summer saw one of the more emotionally draining transfer sagas unfold over the month of August, with Manchester City reportedly in serious talks to bring Daniel Agger aboard. Brendan Rodgers didn't exactly help matters, noting only that every player has a price, but ultimately any sort of deal that was in the works fell through, with Agger's desire to stay on Merseyside the deciding factor. So when Monaco--another new money upstart that's struggled in recent years to achieve success--take interest, it feels a little like Groundhog Day, only this time I think we can all feel a little more comfortable with the stance of both player and club.

I wouldn't expect the club to make any sort of official announcement, but plenty of the bigger British papers are running assertions that Liverpool won't be shopping the defender or welcoming any bids. Monaco have already spent a silly amount of money on two of Porto's better-known squad members in Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez, and doled out £50m on Falcao alone. Ricardo Carvalho's also confirmed to be joining, and they're reportedly looking to bring the Danish captain into a setup that's totally about the football and has nothing to do with money or location or ohmigod the Mediterranean is so beautiful amirite?!?

Agger has previously--and unequivocally--announced his intent to stay with Liverpool through the remainder of his contract, and there' simply no compelling reason to believe otherwise. His knuckles, brutal honesty, and frequent comments about helping the club move forward successfully all indicate that he's in it for the long haul. Even if there comes a time when he's not, I get the feeling we'd know about it anyway. Daniel Agger's not one to pull punches (much more prone to throw elbows), and his commitment to Liverpool is such that if an exit were on the cards, he'd be up front about it. You never have to guess where Agger stands, and right now, that's with Liverpool.

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