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Could Eriksen Be Headed To Liverpool?

With Luis Suarez looking to be bent on engineering a move away from Liverpool Football Club, Christian Eriksen of Ajax Amsterdam continues to be linked with a move in the opposite direction.

Ian Walton

Readers of a semi-regular persuasion will know that when it comes to my own contributions to this fine blog, I have a tendency to eschew the transfer tittle tattle as I'm in the privileged position of only needing to produce one story a day. This is purely a personal choice and probably betrays some latent prima donna tendencies which will later mutate into full-blown egoism. I shall ask my butler's opinion, when I've finished writing this paragraph about myself.

This morning, however, with the whole Suarez thing raging and Ed doing his damnedest to keep all of those plates spinning for you, I feel it's only fair to take a look at some related press fabrications stories. Liverpool, it seems, will have a barrow-load of money to spend, resulting from any Luis Suarez sale and clubs all over Europe will be only too glad to relieve them of as much of that lucre as they can.

So, on the upside, Liverpool will have money. The inescapable corollary, however, is that everybody will see them coming. The club must be watchful as they have previous in this regard -- somewhere in the North East of England, a rotund cockney is still smiling, sat atop a thirty five million pound pile of Liverpudlian loot.

If the Liverpool-centric transfer speculation were not already fevered enough, it will now begin to whirl around the club in a centrifugal fashion. Oddly, as we greet the weekend in the knowledge that the club's most saleable asset, it's crown jewel, as it were, is likely to be cashed in, there are no new rumours of a particularly outlandish nature. No Messi Accepts Lack Of Euro Football To Sign For Moneybags Reds-type of stories. This is somewhat disappointing and forces us to look at links that have at least a modicum of potentiality.

To that end, let us examine the much-discussed notion of a Christian Eriksen move to Anfield. We've been here so often the armchair has our familiar groove but it's a story that refuses to limp away and die. The most recent revival is down to some observations by the Danish international team manager, Morton Olsen who's been insisting the the time is now right for the twenty one year old to move away from Ajax.

"This is the right time for him to go," opined Olsen, in an interview with Ekstra Bladet. "There are many players who moved to a top club too early but Christian is really ready. He played great against Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, PSV and Feyenoord this season, so maybe that's where Dortmund's interest stems from."

For his own part, Eriksen has been masterfully open-ended and vague in his observations, dropping the names of clubs so loudly the clang is still reverberating.

"Dortmund is one of the options that will be really good for me," he told Sporten DK. "But it is not the only option, but it is certainly a possibility. If there is something exciting, I would like to go but if not I don't mind staying. I have read and Liverpool is definitely an option. It is also one of the clubs you'll weight higher than Amsterdam and it's a different league and a different calibre. It sounds very exciting but we have to look at it if there is something. I do not know if there is anything specific and I've talked to Daniel [Agger] about it."

So then, that's as delightfully vague as one might expect, with just enough of a hint of realism to allow one to escape utter self-loathing for entertaining it. The transfer season, ladies and gents - where ulcers are born.

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