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Liverpool: "Luis Suarez is Not for Sale"

The traffic's been one-way to this point, but the club finally responds to mounting speculation about the future of Luis Suarez by asserting that the striker is not for sale.

Chris Brunskill

To this point we still don't know anything about anything other than that Luis Suarez doesn't like the British press, life in Liverpool is tough, and Real Madrid have lots of money and buy players and stuff. There's been no acknowledgement publicly from the club to this point, but you knew that with things reaching a fever pitch they were going to have to say something--Ian Ayre, Brendan Rodgers, the official club mate broker. This could well rumble on all summer, but without anything from Liverpool, speculation about their intentions would only escalate.

They've done something to this effect just now, with Tony Barrett from The Times posting two brief quotes that make the club's stance quite clear regarding their expectations for the Uruguayan:

Nice, succinct, and to the point. It could all prove to be talk, as these types of things so often tend to be, but it's nice to at least hear from those in charge as to where they stand. Now it's over to Luis Suarez, on the other side of the world and not set to return for months.

Should be fun.

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