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Suarez: "It's a Good Moment for a Change"

There's widespread media reports this morning that Luis Suarez has confirmed his intentions to leave Liverpool, but the quotes bandied about are little more than those to which we were introduced a day ago.

Chris Brunskill

There's not necessarily any breaking news regarding Luis Suarez per se, but this morning multiple outlets are running with reports that the Uruguayan striker has confirmed his intention to leave Liverpool despite the fact that his quotes are neither new nor confirmatory. He doesn't like the media treatment he's received in England(!), hasn't yet settled a move elsewhere, and isn't quite sure where his future lies. Again, Real Madrid is the name that pops up, but there's nothing we've learned this morning that we didn't already know.

The content everyone's feasting on are his quotes from a press conference ahead of Uruguay's friendly with France on Wednesday, borrowed here from the BBC:

"It's a good moment for a change of environment because of all I've been through. I do not know when I'm going and I do not know if I'm staying. I have only words of thanks to the club, the fans of Liverpool. But the treatment I received from the rest of England in recent weeks has been tough. It [Liverpool] is a spectacular club, but they are aware of the way that the press treats me.

"It is normal that it is impossible to say no to big teams for which one always dreams. Yet I have nothing, I have not spoken with Real Madrid nor with Liverpool. My agent has not told me anything either and that leaves me alone, but they [the media] are speculating. Every time you do something it becomes big. I just said I'm very happy at Liverpool and I'll be forever grateful to this great city and this club made me grow so much, where I still have a contract."

I've seen lots of "he's gone, guys" statements in response to this, and while that's probably an accurate enough sentiment, I'm left lacking for anything to actually point towards that indicates this whole mess is going to reach a resolution sooner rather than later. One way or the other I'd like for Liverpool to have this thing settled, especially if he's off, giving them plenty of time to reinvest and work to replace his talent with a few other names.

Nothing in England is going to change for Luis Suarez, so the main issue becomes whether or not he's willing to work through another season in a hostile environment. He's laid some of the foundation for that himself, and others have been more than willing to oblige meeting him halfway. That's not solely on them, leaving Suarez with the prospect of making the types of changes he's indicated he needs, which then frees both him and the club up to defend him on the merits of what he's doing right rather than continuing to do wrong.

Of course, if he leaves that's not really an issue anymore, is it?

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