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Rodgers: "Reina Understands Everything We Are Trying to Do"

With the season winding down, speculation about player moves begins to grow. When it comes to Pepe Reina, though, manager Brendan Rodgers seems confident he won't be going anywhere.

Julian Finney

With Jamie Carragher's career winding down, speculation as to which new defenders the club might bring in over the summer, and discussion about a new contract for Steven Gerrard it's clear that when it comes to Liverpool Football Club, with the season winding down a lot of people are at least as focused on the future as they are the present.

And when the season does end and the transfer window pops back open again, one of the main questions for the club will be between the sticks. At times this season Pepe Reina has looked a lock to leave, and at others he has seemed certain to stay. Manager Brendan Rodgers, though, believes anything to do with the former is only speculation.

"I think a lot of the stuff this year has been based on speculation with Valdes going, or possibly going, and there have been links [Barcelona] will be in for another keeper," said Rodgers. "His dad has also said some things. But I see him as someone who is hopefully going to be here. He is 30 years of age and is someone who looks after his body.

"Pepe and I speak a lot. He’s a good man and I’ve got real respect for him as a player and as a human being. He understands everything we are trying to do here and is a great voice in the little debriefing meetings we have with the group and with the defenders and other goalkeepers."

It's not the unequivocal statement those hoping Reina stays might want, but then few things in football are unequivocal when it comes to player movements and for his part at least Rodgers appears to see no need to bring a new goalkeeper. He also doesn't believe Reina is actively seeking a new home or that he has at any point been unsettled.

"He’s brilliant," added Rodgers. "And on a personal level we’ll sit and have a cup of tea in the office and we’ll chat about where he’s at with his game and how he can improve his game. He has never been unsettled and our relationship is very strong. I have given him and a few of the senior boys real responsibility and I think they have enjoyed that."

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