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Xabi Alonso May or May Not do Something at Some Point Says Father

According to Xabi Alonso's father, the Madrid midfielder may or may not do something at some point. In related news, it's a very slow news week.

Alex Grimm

In the world of transfer rumours, just about anything can be spun into news. And in the absence of anything, nothing can be spun into news with disturbing regularity, too.

This week's biggest bit of nothing currently being spun into something to fill the insatiable void of rumour mongery involves former Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso and a brief quote from his father in Madrid mouthpiece Marca.

"What he wants to do is to wait a bit to see what happens and how things go, and then, when the time is right, he'll make the appropriate decision," Alonso's father, Periko, told the Spanish paper. "It's as simple as that—there's nothing else to it."

Which means he's probably heading to Liverpool in the summer if you ask most English purveyors of fine rumours. Unless he's staying at Madrid, at least assuming a manager he can work with arrives to replace the departing Jose Mourinho.

Or, if you ask the Spanish rumour mongers, he might be thinking it's time to head back home to Real Sociedad if he doesn't stay in Madrid. Unless he's going to head to Italy to play out the twilight of his career pinging balls over the top to streaking wingers that is.

The point is that something's going on with Xabi. Unless absolutely nothing is. But it's almost certainly one or the other. Probably. Because his father said something that says nothing.

In related news, after a pair of deflating draws and with nothing the club does the rest of the way likely to much matter, it's been a very slow week from a Liverpool point of view.

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