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Liverpool Continue to Explore Suso Loan Options

While the club have smartly turned down the chance to send Raheem Sterling out on loan for the remainder of the season, rumour has it that a move for Suso remains on the cards.

Chris Brunskill

Following a match in which neither Suso nor Raheem Sterling managed to make the bench, rumours have emerged suggesting the club has turned down loan bids for Sterling from Bolton, Cardif, and Leeds but that a possible new short-term home for Suso remains on the cards.

Comments last week from Rodgers only seemed to suggest he was considering a loan move to finish the season for Suso, with the manager admitting it was something the club would "have a look" at for a player who hasn't seen the pitch in 2013 and will need games if he's to continue his development.

For Sterling, though, there was only ever talk of a player needing a bit of time off from football after a draining first half to the season for the 17-year-old that saw him handed the workload of a seasoned veteran. Despite this, many believed loans for both players were strong possibilities.

Now, if reports are to be believed, that only Suso's immediate future is up for discussion appears certain, and a loan move for the young Spaniard while Sterling is kept at Anfield the rest of the way does seem best for all parties.

Sterling, despite his decreased minutes in recent months, doesn't especially need to see more football this year—and sending him off to start every week the rest of the way in the Championship could actually be a step in the wrong direction.

He's already played 23 league games this season at a time when his body hasn't entirely finished developing, and a few months where all he has to worry about is practice and perhaps the odd cameo should help to lower the risk of Sterling developing the kind of persistent joint and ligament issues young footballers who are given too much at too young an age often become prone to.

For Suso, on the other hand, two years older and having played half as many games as Sterling, the priority must be finding more playing time to avoid the risk of stagnation. It can be a tricky line between too much football and not enough when it comes to the development of young players, but in this case it seems fairly clear-cut when it comes to both.

The club have until the 24th when the loan window for sides in the Championship and lower leagues closes to find a short-term home for Suso.

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