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Liverpool Close On Hungarian Defender

Any impact on the first team's chances will likely be some ways off, but Liverpool today prepare to make another move for the future as they look to complete the signing of Hungarian youngster Kristof Polgar.

Christopher Furlong

A week on from inviting Isthmian League wunderkind Daniel Carr on trial with an eye towards signing the striker to a permanent deal come the summer, Liverpool are preparing to move for another young talent to bolster the youth and reserve sides.

This time around it's Hungarian defender Kristof Polgar, who will join the club permanently in the coming days after trialing at Liverpool in January and February. Polgar, though, is likely even further away from being able to make an impact than the 18-year-old Carr—he's only 16.

Polgar also grew up a fan of Manchester United, but with a contract on the table and his parents in town while his agents wrap up the details, he's not letting boyhood loyalties get in the way of his chances of a professional career in England.

And according to his agent, with Polgar's registration belonging to a management group rather than a club, the move will be done in a matter of days rather than having to wait until the season ends.

"Kristof trialled with Liverpool on two occasions earlier in the year, and he and his parents are currently in Liverpool enjoying the hospitality of the club," said agent Tibor Pataky in an interview with Hungarian outlet Csakfoci. "We are looking forward to an exciting day, and in a few days the Hungarian's stay at Liverpool will be extended."

Polgar will join reserve goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi and attacking midfield prospect Krisztian Adorjan to become the third Hungarian at the club.

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