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Video: Deadline Day 101

With the transfer window nearing its close, the SBNation video team take a look at where England's top seven clubs stand—and at what they might do in the market before Thursday ends.

Dino Panato

If you're a Liverpool fan, you probably know where the club stands as the January transfer window winds down. Daniel Sturridge has arrived and made an instant impact, linking well with Luis Suarez and strengthening what was a very thin attacking lineup. Philippe Coutinho, meanwhile, has finally been officially confirmed as Liverpool's latest signing after a lengthy wait—and his arrival likely signals the end of the club's activity in the market.

However, what the sides immediately ahead of Liverpool might do in the window's final hours could play just as big a role in deciding the club's fate this season as what they have done. Manchesters City and United appear both well out of reach and likely to stand firm with what they have—at least aside from City's decision to ship out the entertainingly problematic Mario Balotelli—but what the likes of Everton, Tottenham, and Chelsea do could either put the top four out of reach for good or offer up the thinnest sliver of hope.

To help get you up to date on where everything stands, the SBNation video team have taken a closer look at the dealings of England's current top seven sides so far—and at what each is likely to do over the final hours of the transfer window.

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