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LFC Presents: The Suarez and Enrique Show

They're an implausible partnership, but Luis Suarez and Jose Enrique have discovered a unique chemistry at Liverpool Football Club.

Alex Livesey

On the face of it at least, they're a partnership as unlikely as, say, Russell Brand and The Dalai Lama. Yet both combinations have actually worked out quite nicely. Luis Suarez and Jose Enrique have formed a double-act that has yielded tremendous benefit to Brendan Rodgers' Liverpool this season.

With his peculiar gait, muscle-bound frame and extreme one-footedness, Enrique might be cruelly cast as the lumpen, doltish side-kick to Suarez's diminutive, cunning genius; a sort of footballing Pinky and The Brain, if you will. Tempting as that depiction is, and I cannot promise I will stop using it, it is needlessly disparaging of the Spaniard's abilities and his contribution to this kinetic duo.

Enrique was bounteous in his praise of the Uruguayan striker when interviewed by The Liverpool Echo and elaborated a little on what is behind the on-field connection that has so far seen the left back lay on four of Suarez's goals, more assists than anyone else has provided for Liverpool's poacher.

"It's really easy to understand Luis," said the left back. "When I have the ball he's the first person I look for on the pitch. He is our best player and he can do something from nothing. It's like at Barcelona, the first player they look for when the game is in a bad situation is Messi because they know he can do something. Luis is the same, I look for him because I know he can do something different."

The offensively-minded left back is worthy of commendation himself for his sterling contribution to the Liverpool attack. To date he has six assists and two goals, one of which, versus Swansea, is a contender for team goal of the season. Enrique, however, prefers to focus on Suarez, a man he calls "an amazing player" and likens his partnership with him to the one he forged with another Uruguayan, Diego Forlan, at Villareal.

Signed by Kenny Dalglish, the defender has featured consistently over two seasons for two different managers but he is comfortable with the style and system favoured by Brendan Rodgers and he feels that the team are slowly improving under the Northern Irishman.

"Tactically, we are improving a lot," he added. "Working and pressing as a team means it is so difficult for the opposition to keep the ball properly. We did that against Spurs and our second goal came from that - good pressure forced the mistake."

Yes, that sound you just heard may well be the sound of a first team squad's worth of pennies dropping, as they finally come to terms with implementing the ideas Rodgers outlined on his arrival. That is an encouraging notion and whilst we're being uncharacteristically upbeat, here's a visual reminder of the old Enrique-Suarez one-two.

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