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Watch: Virgil Van Dijk Scores The Go-Ahead Goal In His Liverpool Debut

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Of course it happened like this. It couldn’t have been any other way.

With time ticking down in the FA Cup Third Round tie with Everton, Liverpool were chomping at the bit, desperate to break a 1-1 deadlock. It had been a contentious game all evening, even by Merseyside Derby standards. With less than 10 minutes left in regulation, it was looking more and more like a replay was in the card.

And then our £75 Million Man came the eff through.

Virgil van Dijk was known to be strong in the air when we signed him. And boy, they weren’t kidding. With the ball sent into the box from a corner kick, VVD rose into the air like a goddamn avenging angel and brought his head to bear. The ball flew past the Everton keeper and hit the back of the net with a thud.

And that’s all she wrote! Liverpool win the 230th Merseyside Derby, knocking Everton out of the FA Cup with a score of 2-1. YNWA, binches!