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Watch: Sadio Mane Breaks The Deadlock Against Burnley

Holy cow that was sexy

Look I’ll be honest, I was kinda relieved to not have much to do tonight. I was engaging in Revelry last night and went to bed really late. I got up on four hours’ sleep and the coffee still hasn’t taken effect yet. A seven goal explosion might’ve done me in.

But we needed to score at least ONE goal to do the business against Burnley. And Sadio Mane was happy to oblige.

Right on the hour mark, Mane got the ball inside the box near the 18 yard line. He lost his balance and ended up taking his shot while in the process of falling backward. Somehow, somehow, he ended up hitting the target, smashing the ball into the back of the net.

Liverpool are now up 1-0. Can they defend the lead and see this out?

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