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Watch: Philippe Coutinho Gets Liverpool On The Board


Stop me if you’ve heard this before:

Liverpool start a game off strong— controlling the ball and getting some promising chances. Then they concede a stupid, unnecessary goal. They spend a long time trying to piece things back together while fending off a resurgent opposition eager to press their advantage. Finally, one of the Reds’ blistering attackers does the legwork and gets his side back into the game.

Tonight’s rescuer against Spartak Moscow was none other than Philippe Coutinho, finally back as a regular starter after all that nonsense from the summer. Around the half-hour mark, the Brazilian charged into the box and, with barely any space to line up a shot, fired a dart from close range and scored at the near post.

Exactly what was needed, exactly when needed.

Liverpool are level at 1-1 with Spartak Moscow with time running out in the first half.

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