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Watch: Daniel Sturridge Scores To Make It 4-0

Welcome back!!

Oh my god.




Do you know how long it’s been since Daniel Sturridge scored a goal?

No really, do you know? I have no idea! It’s been that long! (If you DO know please tell me in the comments.)

Anyway! Late in the second half, Liverpool up 3-0 and feeling pretty good about life. D-Studge had come on a few minutes prior to relieve Roberto Firmino. I love seeing him on the pitch but, like many Liverpool fans, I’ve scaled down my expectations. I expected him to give the Arsenal back line some problems but actually scoring seemed too much to ask.

But then he did the thing! A sneaky header in at the far post! In front of the Kop! Whaaaaaaaaa!!

Liverpool are now up 4-0 over Arsenal and, I mean. Life is pretty nice sometimes.

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