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Watch: Roberto Firmino Makes It Four For Liverpool

Easy like Sunday morning!

Bobby Firm! Always liked that guy!

With Liverpool up 3-1 on the night (5-2 on aggregate), the game started to slow down a bit. The Reds were transitioning into game management mode— lock down the result and go home. A reasonable plan, all things considered. But another goal wouldn’t have hurt.

Liverpool agreed.

After a bad giveaway in the final third— Hoffenheim have been doing that all night— Jordan Henderson broke through the lines and led a 2-on-1 breakaway. He drew the Hoffenheim keeper off his line and then laid the ball off to Roberto Firmino, his partner in the attack. Firmino took the ball and slotted it into an empty net.

4-1 on the night, 6-2 on aggregate, less than half an hour to go.

I still don’t feel totally confident yet, but I definitely feel a lot better than I did ten minutes ago.

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