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Watch: James Milner’s Stupendous Goal VS Hoffenheim

Hooooooooooly wow

Oh. My god.

Late in the second half and still up 1-0, Liverpool kicked off a quick counterattack after a fast restart from a foul. The ball was booted out wide to James Milner out on the left wing. (Milner had replaced Jordan Henderson about 10-ish minutes prior.)

Milner approached the edge of the box before sending in what looked like a cross. Whether it was intended as a cross is, at this point, academic.

The ball floated out of the goalkeeper’s reach and looked set to stay outside the far post and fly out into touch. Instead, it curved at just the right moment and tucked itself inside the post to give Liverpool a 2-0 lead over Hoffenheim.

I kinda want this game to be over so I can just watch this goal over and over again. Hoo boy.

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