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Watch: Simon Mignolet’s Heroic Save VS Hoffenheim

Eff Yeah Migs!

Simon Mignolet popping his clutch might be one of my favorite things about being a Liverpool fan.

In the 10th minute of their crucial first leg Champions League playoff against Hoffenheim, Liverpool conceded a penalty after the referee adjudged Dejan Lovren to have tripped Serge Gnabry. (I’m not sure how that’s justified. Gnabry straight-up ran into Lovren and then went down like a ton of bricks, and somehow that’s Lovren’s fault? Is this the standard for awarding penalties now?)

Anyway, Hoffenheim won the penalty and Andrej Kramaric stood up to take it. He lined up his angles, ran up, took his shot and... Migs saved it!

I love it when he does that.

Both sides are still level at 0-0. No need to panic quite yet.

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